At The Undie Chest, we believe in making a tangible difference in students' lives by addressing their fundamental needs. 

Our recent delivery of over 2000 pairs of underwear to the Tempe Elementary School District was a step forward in fulfilling this commitment. 

The impact of such a generous donation goes beyond just clothing—it significantly contributes to the well-being and success of the students we aim to support.

The True Impact of Your Donations 

One of our mission's most gratifying aspects is receiving heartwarming messages from those we serve. 

Michele Grimaldi, Director of Wraparound Services in the Tempe Elementary School District, recently shared her appreciation for our efforts. 

After the delivery of our latest batch of resources, she sent this note:

Donation of underwear to Tempe SchoolsDear Undie Chest,

Thank you so much for the latest delivery of resources to the Tempe Elementary School District!

We are so grateful for the underwear to support our middle schools. I noticed that this shipment had sizes that will assist our middle school students and even some smaller sizes to support our elementary schools.

This resource is extremely important to our school sites and our families. 

The underwear from The Undie Chest is placed directly in the health office at each of our Title Schools.

The majority of our schools have students struggling with resources in basic needs, so the gift of clean brand, new underwear is extremely beneficial in helping students be successful and comfortable.

Your latest delivery also included underwear for male students! We appreciate the ability to help all students with this simple, but critical basic need.

Thank you for supporting our students.

Michele Grimaldi

How Does Underwear Help Students Succeed?

Michele's words encapsulate a seemingly small gesture's profound impact on a student's educational journey. 

The provision of underwear may appear simple, but it plays a crucial role in fostering comfort, confidence, and a sense of normalcy for students facing resource challenges.

Our commitment to inclusivity and equality is underscored by Michele's mention of the underwear for male students, demonstrating our dedication to supporting all students, regardless of gender.

The Undie Chest remains steadfast in its dedication to positively impacting students' lives, one pair of undies at a time. 

Our Impactful Partnerships

We extend our deepest gratitude to Michele Grimaldi and the entire Tempe Elementary School District for their tireless efforts in ensuring every student receives the support they need to succeed.

We work closely with the School Nurses Committee of the Department of Education to identify school districts that need our services, and we’re incredibly grateful for our network of partners who make our efforts possible.

Several businesses and retailers have joined our Stewardship Program by donating their overstock and returns or encouraging their customers to donate underwear through reward programs.

This partnership allows companies to align with national ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) guidelines while increasing their engagement with climate-conscious customers.

Join us in making a difference in students' lives because every child deserves comfort and confidence as they pursue their education. 

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