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November is a momentous month dedicated to spotlighting the pressing issues surrounding men's health. 

It's a time when organizations and individuals unite to raise awareness and address the unique health challenges that men face, both in mind and body. 

You've undoubtedly heard of Movember, but what exactly is Movember?

Movember is a powerful campaign to raise awareness about men's health issues, specifically focusing on prostate cancertesticular cancer, and mental health. 

This initiative encourages men to grow mustaches throughout the month, sparking vital conversations about these health concerns and generating much-needed funds for research, prevention, and support programs. 

But, at The Undie Chest, we're redefining the narrative this November with GuysGiving ✊. 

Our mission aligns with the same noble cause, but instead of mustaches, we're inviting you to make a difference by donating new men's underwear.

Why, you may ask?

Because we're dedicated to supporting underserved communities, and we want to raise awareness about the health challenges faced by men living in poverty

 Prostate cancer is one of the most prevalent cancers among men, and early detection plays a pivotal role in successful outcomes. 

However, for those facing economic hardship, access to healthcare and insurance is limited, and the costs associated with prostate cancer screening and treatment are often insurmountable.

For men battling these challenges, basics like clean underwear become luxuries. These essentials are crucial in preventing infections and other health complications associated with poor hygiene.

This November, we urge you to consider not only the health of men but also the dignity and comfort of those who have no choice. 

Breaking the Stigma 🧠

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Men's health awareness goes beyond physical health. It extends to promoting mental well-being, where many men struggle due to societal pressures and stigmas. 

Our GuysGiving campaign is committed to shattering men's mental health stigma. 

We want to make it a part of everyday conversations, addressing issues such as confidenceself-esteem, and social challenges faced by men living below the poverty line.

Moreover, the weight of being the primary breadwinner can be overwhelming for many men. They're expected to be strong, capable, and show no signs of weakness.  

This constant pressure can strain their mental health, often pushing their own well-being aside to prioritize their families.

For men living in poverty, providing their families with shelter and food takes precedence over their own basic needs, like underwear. 

Why is Underwear Essential for Men's Health Awareness Month? 🩲

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Donating new underwear can make a profound impact on men's mental and physical wellness:

  • Boosts mental wellness
  • Provides a sense of security
  • Enhances confidence
  • Preserves dignity
  • Promotes physical wellness
  • Ensures hygiene equity
  • Reduces the risk of infections and UTIs
  • Enhances comfort

The significance of underwear extends far beyond its function. It can be a stepping stone for men facing adversity, helping them regain confidence, dignity, and mental peace.  

Improved hygiene and health empower them to focus on what matters most – their families and communities.

Who We'll Help During GuysGiving 👇

November Goal

Our goal for November is to purchase or receive 2,000 pairs of new undies for men in shelters and transitional programs and teens in our 7 Title 1 Schools we support. Our monetary donation goal of $7500 will be used to purchase new underwear not donated and to support 2 local organizations that work with individuals with disabilities to help us sort and distribute donations. 

At The Undie Chest, our enduring partnerships with several organizations nationwide enable us to reach underserved men through transitional programs and shelters. 

Some of the nonprofits we collaborate with include:

How You Can Join GuysGiving this Men's Health Awareness Month

 #1 Spread the Word! 🗣️ 

The essence of Men's Health Awareness Month lies in raising awareness and breaking stigmas. The more we talk and engage in conversation, the greater the impact of our mission.

#2 Invite Guys to Our Page 👍

We've been known for our dedication to helping women, which has garnered a substantial female following. 

Now, as we extend our support to men, we need your help in building a more diverse recycling community. If you can do just one thing, please share our social media with your male loved ones.

#3 - Host an Undie Drive 📦

 Whether you're passionate about our GuysGiving initiative or a business looking to make a difference while reducing your environmental impact, you can host an undie drive to collect as many new, unwanted pairs of undies as possible. 

If you have new underwear with tags you no longer need, you can start making a difference immediately. 

Use our donation form to send your items to us. When we receive your donations, we'll sort them and fulfill requests from the nonprofits we support. Or you can purchase new undies from our Amazon Wish List.

#4 - Join Our Community of Donors 🌟

 You can commit to this cause temporarily in November or join our Stewardship Program by becoming a partner of The Undie Chest. Retailers stocking boys' and men's underwear can make a significant difference by joining our community of partners.

This partnership allows them to responsibly dispose of their overstock and returns responsibly, engaging customers who prioritize sustainability and aligning with ESG guidelines.

#5 - Make a Monetary Donation! 🎗️

Making a monetary donation not only helps us purchase much needed and least donated items like men's and boy's underwear, but it also supports our operations that works with individuals with disabilities who help us sort and distribute donations around the country. Our goals for November is to raise $7500. To make our donation visit our website to make your tax deductible monetary donation


Thanks for Celebrating GuysGiving for Men's Health Awareness in November!

For more information or access to our social media assets, please get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In the meantime, watch our GuysGiving posts on social media and share them with the men in your life. 

Your support this November means the world to us and those we aim to help. Together, we can make a difference.