Undie Power Program™

Families In NeedAccording to a study commissioned by J.C. Penney, 46% of impoverished people prioritize other items over buying underwear.

And what’s worse - those eligible for food stamps cannot use these on hygiene products. So it’s no wonder that hygiene poverty is rampant in the U.S.

For most of us, clean underwear is a given right, so it’s hard to imagine life without these necessities. 

Clean underwear provides more than just hygiene. It gives a sense of well-being, dignity, and self-esteem.

Neglecting personal hygiene can lead to negative perceptions and bias, impacting an individual's employment prospects, and daily interactions with others, and further feeding into the poverty cycle.


Who We Help

At The Undie Chest, we believe no one should be deprived of clean, comfortable underwear. UndiePower Logo

Underwear poverty is a widespread issue affecting individuals and families worldwide, robbing them of their dignity and comfort.

Homeless Individuals and Families

People experiencing homelessness often lack access to clean and properly fitting underwear. 

The transient nature of their lives, limited resources, and limited access to laundry facilities make it difficult to maintain personal hygiene. 

By providing new underwear, we offer them a fresh start and a basic necessity that restores their comfort, dignity, and self-confidence.

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Those Living in Poverty

Individuals and families living in poverty face financial constraints that prevent them from purchasing new underwear regularly.

With limited resources allocated to essential needs, underwear may become a low priority. 

Our provision of new underwear ensures that they have clean and properly fitting garments, improving their overall hygiene and well-being.


Survivors of Human Trafficking

Portrait of frustrated girl victim of human trafficking, sitting alone with a paperVictims of human trafficking often experience extreme hardships, including the deprivation of necessities. 

Many survivors escape trafficking situations with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. 

Providing them with new underwear is a critical step in their recovery, allowing them to reclaim their dignity and rebuild their lives.

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Survivors of Domestic Violence

New Life Old Life Smaller - Stop Domestic ViolenceIndividuals escaping domestic violence situations often leave their homes abruptly with few belongings. 

In such situations, they lack access to clean and properly fitting underwear, contributing to their insecurity and vulnerability. 

By providing new underwear, we support these survivors in their journey toward safety, healing, and a fresh start.

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By focusing on underserved communities and providing them with new underwear, we address the specific challenges they face regarding underwear poverty.

 We recognize that clean and adequately fitting underwear is not just a necessity but a symbol of hope, restoration, and a renewed sense of self-worth for those who have experienced adversity. 

Our efforts aim to empower individuals and families, ensuring they can move forward with dignity and confidence.

Making a DifferenceAfrican Girl Red Dress

The Undie Power Program is our dedicated effort to provide underwear to shelters, transitional programs, and women with breast cancer who lack insurance coverage. 

We're committed to going beyond traditional assistance programs by focusing on the entire family.

With programs established in 29 states across the United States and eight countries worldwide, our impact reaches far and wide.

How Undie Power Works

At The Undie Chest, we have a simple yet impactful approach to addressing underwear poverty and empowering individuals and families in need. Here's how our program works.

Collaboration and Partnerships

We believe in the power of collaboration and building strong partnerships. 

We work closely with shelters, transitional programs, and organizations supporting survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence. 

These partnerships allow us to identify those needing underwear assistance and ensure our efforts are targeted and effective.

Donations and Collection

The Undie Chest relies on the generosity of individuals like you to make a difference. 

We encourage people to donate new, clean, and adequately fitting underwear for all ages and sizes. Volunteers

These donations can be made through various channels, including -

Education and Awareness

The Undie Chest is not only focused on providing underwear but also on raising awareness about the issue of underwear poverty. 

We believe in educating communities about the impact of this often-overlooked issue and fostering empathy and understanding. By increasing awareness, we strive to inspire individuals, businesses, and communities to join us in addressing this critical need.

How to Get Involved 

As you can see, individuals can get involved with our mission to end hygiene poverty in many ways.Partnership and Sponsors

But what if you’re a business or retailer?

Join our Community and Environmental Stewardship Package

Retailers have a unique opportunity to impact meaningfully through our Community and Environmental Stewardship Packages. 

This collaboration reduces waste and supports our Undie Power program, making a positive social impact in underserved communities. 

Join us in our mission to empower lives and contribute to community and environmental sustainability by becoming a business or retailer partner today. 

If you’re ready to measure your environmental impact and increase your customer engagement - get in touch today to see how our stewardship program can help you.


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