Happy New Year!

Ursula Marks Board MemberAs we start this journey to help families and individuals not worry about finding clean underwear, I must reflect on past experiences. When I was a little girl, I always wanted to help everyone, no matter the issue. Not truly understanding what I was doing, I would always run home to my mom and tell her, "we need to buy XYZ for ALL the children; because they don’t have anything!" Be it candy for a holiday (i.e., Halloween), goodie bags for a school function full of pencils and erasers and small boxes of crayons, or chaperoning for a function. My mom never said "no"; "we don’t have the money," or any of the responses you would expect. That is a blessing you do not realize when you’re little. You have food to eat, clean clothes to wear daily, and a roof to sleep under. Not until you are older do you realize that not everyone has the same experience.

CASS LogoThank you so much for your contribution to our bra drive. Your gift to our clients will be tangible support to them and play a significant part in helping our initiative be successful. The messages of encouragement included are an elegant, compassionate touch that we appreciate and may have to draw inspiration from and emulate to produce enough messages for each individual bra recipient.

CASS is very grateful for your efforts to help those in need and to do so in a way that advances sustainable practices and environmental integrity.

Graham Weiss, Program Coordinator, Central AZ Shelter Services

St Joseph The Worker NonprofitThe Undie Chest is excited to donate underwear to St. Joseph The Worker in Phoenix, AZ. Its mission is to connect disadvantaged, homeless, and transitioning individuals to quality jobs. They provide support, resources, and tools necessary for becoming employable. 

St Joseph The Worker

We are excited to support Circle the City in Phoenix, AZ. Its mission 'is to create and deliver innovative healthcare solutions that compassionately address the needs of men, women, and children facing homelessness.'  The Bra Recyclers will be providing bras to Circle the City for an educational event on breast health in addition to other undies for participants of their program. 

BBB Torch Awards Anaheim We want to thank the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Southwest Pacific for the generous donation of $5000 to The Undie Chest, the new nonprofit arm of The Bra Recyclers. It was a pleasant surprise to receive this donation to help us expand our outreach to families around the world with the gift of underwear. As the keynote speaker for the 2022 BBB Torch Awards for Ethics in San Diego and Orange County, Elaine Birks-Mitchell, Corporate Development Director and Board Member, felt it was an honor to be a part of an event that honors businesses and individuals for doing good in their communities.